West Coast Wedding awards

The awards program that helps you grow as a photographer.


Our goal is to create a community that recognizes the hard work photographers put into their craft and to grow our skills together as an industry.


Awards are open October 9-31, 2023

Late fees accepted until Nov 5

$5 from every late fee goes directly towards Rainbow Refugee

Get Recognized

You deserve recognition for the hard work you put into your career

Receive Feedback

Learn from valuable feedback from seasoned industry pros!

Showcase YOUR value!

Being an award winning photographer helps showcase your value.

A contest FOR wedding photographers BY wedding photographers.

Every photo submitted gets feedback from the judges in 5 different categories.

Background photo by Ronnie Lee Hill


Trophies and certificates

Each category has two finalists and one winner. Everyone receives website badges and certificate in the mail. The first place winner in each category receives an award in the mail.


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West Coast Wedding Awards is an awards program for photographers residing on the west coast of Canada and USA.


info @ westcoastweddingawards.com