2019 Winners – Award Winning Photographers

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2019 Winners – Award Winning Photographers

West Coast Wedding Awards is excited to announce the 2019 Award Winners!

Congratulations to the winners, runners-up and finalist, each of you are outstanding in your field and we are proud to have you participate.

We are overwhelmed with the submissions and support from the photography community from throughout North America. Thank you to everyone who supported our first year and we are looking forward to 2020. Our website and social media will be updated throughout the year and we welcome you to stay in touch.

A huge thanks goes out to our Judges,  this wouldn’t be possible without you! Thank you for participating, sticking to deadlines (working through your Thanksgiving holiday) and being fair and honest with the scores.

Tanja Aelbrecht and Caroline Ross
West Coast Wedding Awards

Category of: Group Photo

Photograph taken on the day of the wedding, showing a group of people, either the wedding party or other guests with (or without) the couple. 

First Place Award Winner is Ronnie Lee Hill Photography

Runner-up is Sara Rogers Photography 

Finalist  is Jennifer Picard Photography

Category of: Wedding Couple

Photograph of a couple together, taken on the wedding day.

First Place Award Winner is Amber Hughes Photography

Runner-up is Farawayland Weddings

Finalist is Ronnie Lee Hill Photography

Category of: Photojournalism

A photograph taken at any point during the wedding day where the subjects aren’t posed.

First Place Award Winner is Justine Boulin

Runner-up is Urban Fig Photography

Finalist  is Lucky Studios

Category of: Detail Photo

A photograph showcasing a wedding day detail.

First Place Award Winner is Urban Fig Photography

Runner-up is Farawayland Weddings

Finalist  is Le Blanc Studios

Category of: Furry Friends

Photograph that includes an animal on the wedding day. 

First Place Award Winner is Sara Rogers Photography 

Runner-up is Jennifer Picard Photography

Finalist  is Of Earth and Soul Photography

Category of: Engagement

Photograph of a couple that is engaged. The photo can’t be taken on the wedding day. The couple in the photograph isn’t wearing a wedding-specific outfit. 

First Place Award Winner is Joelsview Photography

Runner-up is Darby Magill Photography

Finalist  is Urban Fig Photography

Category of: New Business

This category showcases the rising stars in the photography community.

Contest entrants qualify for this category if they have been a professional photographer (self-employed or as an employee) no longer than 18 consecutive months.

First Place Award Winner is Kat Creative Artistry 

Runner-up is Kaitlin Day Photography

Finalist  is Laura Dun Photography





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