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Interview with Greg and Frances, a Portland based duo, who find romance and inspiration in the complexity of life and love, including the funny, weird, and beautiful moments that come along with it.

Interview with BC based wedding photographer Leanne Sims. Enjoy her beautiful work and find out why it's great to find your niche.

Interview with Alex Mari Photography, a California based wedding photographer with a unique editorial style.

This interview features award winner Joel Jaszczyszak from Joelsview Photography with you! Joel won first place in the engagement category with the beautiful image above.

I focus on capturing emotion BIG TIME. I tell my clients that I want them to FEEL their wedding emotions in their photos and this is what drives my work.

We are overwhelmed with the submissions and support from the photography community from throughout North America. Thank you to everyone who supported our first year and we are looking forward to 2020. Our website and social media will be updated throughout the year and we welcome you to stay in touch.

Trust yourself, never stop learning, know your value, engage with other photographers of your community, find your style and over-deliver.

Emotion + beautiful light. There has to be a fantastic focal point and for me the best kind has an emotional pull. If you have stunning light too then good composition is just the cherry on top.

Four years ago I had zero direction in life. I was working as a line cook at an Italian chain in town and was really frustrated with what was going on in my life. I was depressed, anxious and not satisfied. While I was on a road trip from New Mexico to Colorado, I began using a Canon T-2i Rebel that a friend had recently sold me. I was hooked immediately. I enjoyed being outside and documenting that adventure. When I came back to my home town (Lancaster, PA), I saw a lack of epic landscapes. I still wanted to use my camera, so I began photographing my friends.

I’m a lifestyle photographer that specializes in candid documentary. Aside from weddings, I also document family sessions, corporate events and produce content for small businesses. If I’m not working, I’m spoiling my dog on walks and treats.

Hi! I’m Kendra Coupland and I’ve been a wedding photographer in Vancouver BC for the last 10 years. I work alongside my husband Brad for a lot of our weddings.

Hi! I’m Elke, a historian who kind of accidentally became a wedding photographer. The tiny and slightly absurd country of Belgium is my home. I love weddings because they’re like fireworks, only exploding with emotions instead of gunpowder. I photographed weddings for three years before taking the leap and going full time last January.

Trust yourself, never stop learning, know your value, engage with other photographers of your community, find your style and over-deliver.