Who are the judges?

We are so excited to announce our 2021 judges here.



How does the judging process work?

Each photo receives three judges scores in the areas of composition, aesthetics, lighting, editing and creativity. All entries received written comment as well from all three judges.



Why did you start a new wedding awards?

We wanted a transparent awards company that gave feedback to every recipient. Each entry receives feedback from three separate judges.



Are the founders allowed to submit to the awards?

No, Tanja and Caroline are not allowed to submit to the Awards. They are also not judging the awards.



How do you know the judges won't just pick their friends images?


There are a few measures that WCWA has taken to ensure this doesn't happen. First, the judges use a blind judging system, where the photographer's name isn't shown and second, the judges don't live in the geographical area that the awards take place (out of state/province/country). Thirdly, we use judges who have previous experience judging images. We hope the above measures enables an impartial judging system.



How much does it cost?

Awards are $30 CAD for one, or $25 CAD for multiple. Prices include taxes and fees. Watch out for our early bird pricing!


West Coast Wedding Awards


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West Coast Wedding Awards is an awards program for photographers residing on the west coast of Canada and USA.


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