Joab Smith Photography

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Joab Smith Photography

We had a chance to interview Joab Smith, from Joab Smith Photography. Joab has been shooting weddings since he was 19, and tries to balance busy summers with camping, surfing and cycling.





If you weren’t shooting weddings, what would you be doing for work?

Have never thought of this.. I love graphic design but not as work.. rock star or gardener – it could go either way.

What do you think makes a photograph good?

Emotion + beautiful light. There has to be a fantastic focal point and for me the best kind has an emotional pull. If you have stunning light too then good composition is just the cherry on top.

What is a business mistake you made?

I was too cheap for too long and could have progressed faster if I’d known.

What do you think makes an image award winning?

Personally I’d be looking for a creative edge, something a little different whilst also stunning.

What makes your business unique, different or special?

Hopefully it’s not too unique, but I think some people don’t realize how important the couples experience with you is. I want the day to end with them beaming about how much they’ve enjoyed the time we’ve spent together and often get compliments on how much I’ve helped the day go well. For people who worry about having their picture taken it can be as important as the final photos!

Advice for new photographers?

Look for light and try to learn it. For too long I focused on subjects without really considering how the light around them was affecting the photograph.

What’s something people need to understand about photography?

With wedding photography it would be everything else around taking photos on the day, which only really makes up about 15% of it! Being great at editing, good with people, a savy business owner, etc are all key too.

What’s the best location you’ve ever photographed?

I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding at Villa Eva in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast this year and it was genuinely mind blowing to have such incredible views, I won’t be forgetting that in a while!


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