About the Awards

West Coast Wedding Awards gives feedback on every image submitted.

Contestants will receive the scores of the judges in an atmosphere of transparency and scores from three judges on on every submission. Judging categories are: composition, creativity, lighting, aesthetics, editing


Our goal is to create a community that recognizes the hard work photographers put into their craft and to grow our skills together as an industry.


The West Coast Wedding Awards are for photographers who reside in Alaska (USA), British Columbia (Canada), Washington (USA), Oregon (USA) and California (USA) at the time of submission.


Submissions open October 9, 2023

Deadline for entry is October 31, 2023.


Each photo gets feedback and comments from three judges on a score out of 100 on the following categories: composition, creativity, lighting, aesthetics, editing.


Pricing is $30CAD for one photo, or $25CAD for multiple.


EARLY BIRD PRICING: From October 9-15, early bird pricing is $25 CAD for one photo, or $20 CAD

Meet the founders

Tanja Aelbrecht


I’m originally from Belgium, where I worked as a physiotherapist, before moving to Vancouver BC in 2011 and starting my career as a wedding photographer. I’ve been a full-time photographer since 2013, together with my hubby, in our niche business that focuses on outdoorsy, adventurous and spontaneous couples. We have been rewarded with numerous magazine publications and a couple of awards.


When starting out in the wedding photography industry many years ago, I quickly learned how important it is to have access to feedback to grow in my craft. I was lucky to have great mentors in my environment, but when it comes to contests, I felt there was often a lack of feedback and transparency. So I’m beyond excited to start the West Coast Wedding Awards with the talented Caroline Ross!

Starting in 2022, I have started a new business venture with my husband, called Chunky Squirrel where we offer website maintenance and SEO services.


Website: chunkysquirrel.com

Facebook: facebook.com/chunkysquirrel

Insta: instagram.com/chunkysquirrelservices

Twitter: twitter.com/jelgerandtanja


Caroline Ross

I’m from Northern Ontario and spent a few years living and shooting in St Maarten before moving to Vancouver where I live with my spouse. I studied at Laurentian University for my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and Cambrian College for Digital Art Diploma. I have been working as a photographer since 2008, and have separate wedding and commercial/fashion photography businesses.


As a college instructor, I recognize it’s hard for an artist to get feedback on their art and sometimes difficult to find working industry professionals who are willing to do so. I think it's important for artist to get feedback regardless of how many years they have been working in their field. It's never to late to learn something new.


Fashion Work: www.carolinecharlotteross.ca

Wedding Work: www.carolinephotography.ca

Instagram: instagram.com/carolineross

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@caroline_in_thecity



Each year WCWA collects $5 from each late submission fee and donates it to a charity.


In 2022 WCWA raised $250 for was Rainbow Refugee and will continue to donate to this cause for 2023.


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West Coast Wedding Awards is an awards program for photographers residing on the west coast of Canada and USA.


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