Raphaelle Granger

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Raphaelle Granger

Instagram: instagram.com/raphaellegranger

What do you think makes a photograph good?

Chills & feels. It really is all about what the viewer can feel rather than a perfectly technical image. Once you master the technique, photography becomes quite easy. A lot of people could do it. But developing your eye and sensitivity is the opposite of easy. And there’s not a lot of photographers out there that can mark the viewer’s imagination only with the power of one photography.

Advice for new photographers?

Trust yourself, never stop learning, know your value, engage with other photographers of your community, find your style and over-deliver.

What’s something people need to understand about photography?

Photography is so much more than a one-click process. And so much more valuable. Great photography out live their photographer, spreading joy over generations, helping them to understand where they come from, how the world was back them, bringing back to life people and piece of history. I personally learned a lot about my grand-parents (who weren’t the loudest voices in a room) looking at their albums.

If you weren’t shooting weddings, what would you be doing for work? 

War photographer. Or photojournalist at least. Before I knew about wedding’s world, I dreamed to travel the world capturing people’s stories. Creating a voice for the ones who can’t speak. And that dream is still somewhere in a corner of my mind. Non-photography related? I would also love to run an eventing stable.  

What’s the best location you’ve ever photographed?

Iceland. Can’t find words to describe how beautiful the land capes are over there. Portraits on the black sand beach, with horses and sheeps, mountains every step of the journey was an amazing photography opportunity.

What is a business mistake you made?

A couple of years ago, I decided to go against my gut feeling and booked a client who I wasn’t sure about. Chose the potential earnings over myself, because as a starting photographer I needed that money. Turns out the clients cancelled their wedding without even telling me, learned about it 2 weeks prior as I just had turned down a way bigger wedding. Could have saved a lot of trouble and booked a better wedding.

What do you think makes an image award winning?

Composition and creativity. An intriguing, powerful, unusual, sensible image. An image that will live in the viewer’s memory and imagination.


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