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Please read Contest Rules


Late Submission pricing from October 24 - 30: Entries are $35 CAD for one, and $30 CAD each if you purchase more than one. Price includes all taxes and fees. $5 late fee from each submission will go towards Rainbow Refugee Vancouver.


Photograph has to be taken between October 1st 2021 and September 30th 2022.


Files uploaded at checkout


File size : 1500px on long edge


File Formats: jpg, jpeg, zip


If you have purchased multiple entries to submit to a category, please zip the files and submit one zipped file to that category. Please note that multiple submissions are allowed in each category, only one image (highest ranking) can place in each category.


The file name must consist of the following: category name followed by two random words. File names can’t have the photographers name or company name in the file, or any identifying logos or symbols.

Example: photojournalism-green-squirrel.jpg.