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Isabella Sarmiento

This is it Studios

I’m a lifestyle photographer that specializes in candid documentary. Aside from weddings, I also document family sessions, corporate events and produce content for small businesses. If I’m not working, I’m spoiling my dog on walks and treats.


What do you think makes a photograph good?

The emotion it conveys whether it is of a person, landscape or inanimate object. If you look at a photograph and you feel drawn to it for any type of emotion – happy, sad, melancholic then that makes a good photograph.

What is a business mistake you made?

The business is just 4 years old and so I know I am still learning. Not much of a business mistake but an idea in my head that I had to learn to change quickly. I thought before that increasing my followers and likes on my images will equate to sales. So for a time, I focused a lot on my instagram but then I quickly realized as much as I enjoy using the app that’s not where my paying clients come from so I don’t stress about it anymore.

What do you think makes an image award winning?

So many factors that come together – emotion, environment, composition and lighting. If these elements all come together then that to me is an award winning photo. To add to this, having a different perspective on something so common makes an image award winning as well.

What makes your business unique, different or special?

Hm… this is always a tough one for me to answer. Sometimes I think that maybe there isn’t really anything special about what I do but because I deliver great customer experience along with great images which I consider my art then that is enough? But to answer your question, my specialty in candid documentary I think stands out. I don’t like to overly pose my clients during photo sessions. For me it’s the in between moments that make things special so I am always on the look out for this regardless if it is a wedding or not. The more raw and authentic, the better. I can always suggest certain locations and certain times of the day that will make your images better but if you’re not able to accommodate it then you’ll still receive a great experience and images regardless. Having an events management background, I do educate clients a lot on their vision vs reality so pre-planning is a big portion that makes the day and photo session go smoothly which you don’t see in any of my social media handles.

Advice for new photographers?

You need to put in the work to reap the rewards. From my experience, it takes time and if one thing isn’t working, then try something else. Do a SMART analysis of your goals. Don’t also get drawn to what other people do. Surround yourselves with people you want to work with who value the same values as you do as a business owner and person.

What’s something people need to understand about photography?

In this day and age where everyone can be a photographer as they say, there is still a difference with hiring a professional photographer to do the job. Most of the time, people hire one person vs the other because of the intangible value that they bring to the table.


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