Winner interview: Ronnie Lee Hill Photography

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Winner interview: Ronnie Lee Hill Photography


Winer interview Ronnie Lee Hill Photography, Vancouver Photographer

This interview features award winner Ronnie from Ronnie Lee Hill Photography! Ronnie not only won first place with the amazing group photo above, she also was a finalist in the couple photo category.

Tell us about yourself! 

I’m a nature-loving, craft-beer drinking, two-cat owning photographer that specializes in unique and casual weddings throughout Canada.

Ronnie Lee Hill Photography interview

What makes your business unique, different or special?

I’ve spent years working towards attracting the kinds of couples that I’d want to be friends with. That means that I get to photograph a lot of weddings where the VIBE is the most important thing to capture, meaning that I get to have a lot of fun with my couples. I think that that energy carries over into my images and it’s what most of my couples say draw them to my work.and connection!

Ronnie Lee Hill Photography interview

How do you support your lifestyle when you have less weddings than expected for the year?

I generally like to cap out between 15 – 20 weddings per year because I also photograph couples, creative maternity sessions, family sessions and events throughout Vancouver. Having this variety means that I don’t only rely on weddings and keeps me learning new skills.

If you had one piece of advice for couples looking for a wedding photographer, what would it be?

Meet the photographer in person first. The way that you feel around each other will make such a difference for those moments of stress throughout your wedding day (and the planning process). A photographer that feels like your friend is so much easier to lean on when you need to.

Ronnie Lee Hill Photography, Vancouver Photographer

If you weren’t shooting weddings, what would you be doing for work?

Is laying on a tropical beach a job? Because that’s what I would pick. But for real, I’d choose travel photography. And if not photography I’d want to be doing work with organizations that help save abused or endangered animals, or working with seniors living in isolation.

What do you think makes a photograph good?

Oh, so much. I like to see energy in photos. It’s why I prefer portraits with smiles and tears rather than stoic “we’re so cool” portraits. I also like to see that there was some creative thought behind the capture. Intention, if you will.

Ronnie Lee Hill Photography interview

What is a business mistake you made? 

When I first started I spent years shooting weddings that I hated and not being myself. I thought I had to be “business-ey” to be taken seriously. It turns out I just had to be me.

Ronnie Lee Hill Photography, Vancouver Photographer

What do you think makes an image award winning?

What a tough question! I think like I mentioned before, I like to see intention in the photo. A purpose. A feeling. Something that provides power to the shot no matter what the framing or processing looks like.

Do you have advice for new photographers?

Be. You. Really think about what you LOVE photographing and follow that passion.

Ronnie Lee Hill Photography

What’s something people need to understand about photography?

I’d love for people to understand that this is a craft and that a lot of work goes into it. It’s not Instagram, it’s not instant. Your photographer is crafting a visual dialogue that will help you re-live key moments in your life and there is value in that visual story, so invest in someone who’s vision you trust. And get some damn family photos taken by a professional once in a while 😉

Ronnie Lee Hill Photography

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